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Monthly Prophetic Word for September

Year of The Triple Trinity 
Praise the Lord people of God! So far this has been a great year and this is only the beginning! God is going to release some great things for you this year if only you can believe!  

At the beginning of the year I have been speaking about how we are going to see God manifest himself in 3's all year long. People have been getting checks with the multiple of 3 in it, important phone calls 3 different times, business opportunities coming in 3's and so on!  The reason for him doing this is that he wants to confirm his covenant with you and remind you that the power of the Holy Spirit is with you.

In John 2:1-12 we see on how the 3rd day (check that out...on the 3rd day) that Jesus turned the water into wine. He used 6 waterpots to get this accomplished! 

In short Marriage=covenant, 6 waterpots= double blessings, stone= that hard thing, and wine= God's supernatural provision,His strength, spiritual blessings of the gospel and nourishment. 

So what does this mean for you? Well you can expect the Lord to take that hard thing in your life, that seems like you can never get over, get pass or seem to never be delivered from and transform it into something you have never expected and it will be a spiritual blessing for you! 

When he gets finished you will experience a joy that you have never experienced before and he will resurrect things around you. These things will be things you pre-maturely aborted or gave up on. God says he is causing it to live again! Receive it in Jesus' Name!


Apostle Watkins
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