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Iridescence Life Coaching With Dr. Tiffany Watkins

Iridescence Life-Coaching With Dr. Watkins

Master Your Destiny!

Get Started!

Dr. Watkins is a certified life coach and she works with clients now who are successfully reaching their goals and desires when it comes to their business, personal, or spiritual life.

Every session is uniquely catered to your individual needs. She has helped her clients with budgeting in order to help them get back on track financially, others she has worked on time management so that they are able to balance multiple tasks such as school, home, family, and work-life while reaching their personal destiny.  She has also assisted clients who desired to perfect their businesses, and for those who desire spiritual growth and development, she has partnered with them in order to help them work towards reaching their maximum potential on this earth for their creator. 

Many of my clients have commented on how they have a sense of peace and fulfillment as they go through the coaching sessions.

What You Can Expect!

Dr. Watkins works with you in order to come up with a step by step plan to push you towards your destiny while holding you accountable.  She makes sure you get the best out of your coaching experience.  She works with you in order to find out what your desires are and partners with you to help you to reach your desired goals. 

If you would like to participate in the Life-Coaching Program or to find out more about it, contact Dr. Watkins at    

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