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The Lonely Heart: A Guide to Successful Single Living

No One Wants To Live A Life Of Loneliness And Everyone Wants To Be Happy.

Being a single Christian is not easy.

It takes inner strength, patience, and faith to overcome loneliness in a world that seems to be designed for couples. You have to overcome obstacles, put your faith to the test, and control desires that feel uncontrollable.

But How Can You Hold Out For God’s Perfect Will & Reach Your Highest Potential?

Tiffany Watkins, a certified Chaplain, Life Coach, and author, has created a guide to successful single living, which will take you by the hand and help you follow her footsteps until you find your perfect match. Packed with meaningful advice for single Christians, every chapter of this comprehensive singles book for Christians or Christians in ministry will cover a different aspect of your life.

By the end of this eye-opening Christian book for single women, you will be able to:

🙏 Understand What Is Keeping You From Finding Your Other Half

🙏 Learn How To Control The Desires Of The Flesh

🙏 Take A Thought-Provoking Self-Assessment Quiz

🙏 Find Out The Differences Between Men & Women

🙏 Become A Better Version Of Yourself Under His Guidance

As Men And Women Of God, We Need To Seek To Please God Ultimately If We Ever Expect To Have The Mate God Desires For Us.

While other Christian books for single women may focus on the theoretical aspect of loneliness and the connection with God, Tiffany offers you a step-by-step guide to heal your wounds based on her own experience, her personal relationship with God, and people she has encountered during her journey.

The author understands that everyone has needs and that controlling the desires of the body can be quite a challenge. However, through her soothing words, her goal is to allow you to see the benefits of staying close to God and holding out for God’s perfect will.  Purchase the book at

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