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About Apostle, Dr. Tiffany Watkins 

Apostle Watkins is the Pastor of Renewed Faith Ministries in Belton, SC. Because of the many trials, she endured as a child and a teenager, she knew that God had called her to serve his people from all walks and facets of life. God uses Apostle Watkins to flow in the prophetic and deliverance ministry at Renewed Faith Ministries and as she travels abroad. She loves the Lord with all her heart, and it is manifest in her love for the people.

She accepted the Lord into her life at the tender age of 12 and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology with a minor in Child and Family studies from Lander University in Greenwood, SC. She also completed her Master of Divinity Studies from Trinity School of Apologetics and Theological Seminary. Because of her exemplarily work on her thesis for this school entitled “Sexual Immorality and the Bible,” the school has decided to use portions of her thesis as a textbook for students. In May of 2019 Apostle Watkins received her doctorate in Biblical Counseling. She also serves as a seminary professor for the North Carolina Theological Seminary KVWC Extension Campus.

Apostle Watkins is an author of two books and a Chaplin. She has also been recognized by the United Way of Anderson County as a 2010 Leadership Next Fellow. She was recognized by those in the community as being an outstanding leader in the community of Anderson and graduated from this class in February 2011.

As a pastor she has worked with the United Way as a member of the Developing Self Sufficiency Vision Council for over 5 years. As a member of this council she helped to ensure school readiness, school completion, adult literacy and job skills. Apostle Watkins also graduated from the Young Philanthropist Academy in April 2019 where she helped make a difference in Anderson County through Philanthropy, volunteerism and leadership through fighting for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community.

She now serves the United Way as a community impact cabinet board member. As an impact cabinet board member, she helps make recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors around linking and mobilize community leadership around key public policy or community issues identified by the Vision Councils.

Apostle Watkins is also the Youth Director of Kingdom Life Fellowship and is passionate about serving the next generation.  

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